Solar LiveBase

Solar LiveBase is the first all-in-one power and environmental monitoring device allowing you to instantly view, trend and access your data online.

Solar EnviroLink

This exclusive AllSolus WireFree device measures solar radiation, internal temperature and ambient temperature directly from your rooftop.

Solar MeterLink

The Solar MeterLINK measures power consumption, internal temperature, external temperature, and solar radiation directly from your meter box.

Core Base Station

This Solar Package brings the benefits of Australian design to larger applications such as your school, business or enterprise. AllSolus gives you the ultimate package in just three devices.

Core Base Station

Australian designed AllSolus Live! caters for schools, businesses and communities.
For all users, simply use your secure login to view your live data and statistics online.That includes anywhere in the world whether home, office or phone.

Core Base Station

AllSolus Water products are designed to meet the needs of agricultural and large scale irrigation systems. Save time and money whilst managing our most precious resource.

Wireless Energy Management

AllSolus provides wireless monitoring and energy management solutions for your school, office or commercial site.

Monitor solar, electrical, gas and water data for your entire premises one monitoring system. Unbeatable wireless coverage up to 20km is perfect for multi-level, long range and cable-free installations.

Choose from one of our numerous display options:

AllSolus Online Portal
AllSolus Local Network Display
AllSolus Public Display

Simply Smarter

AllSolus specializes in providing wireless monitoring solutions for solar, water and environmental applications.

Our product design, development and assembly occur in house using cutting edge technology to deliver the highest functionality and reliability possible.

Using long range wireless technology our devices are quick and easy to install.

The Solar LiveBase is an all-in-one device for all your solar monitoring requirements.

Partnering with the EnviroLINK and MeterLINK, our wireless option gives you even greater flexibilty making installation even easier for you.



With over 10 years experience in industrial control applications, AllSolus gives you the benefit of customised products for residential and commercial uses.

Our knowledge and experience tell us that you need the latest technology at the best price.

That's why AllSolus continues to work together with local, national and international companies serving clients world-wide.


5 Victorian Schools now online!

AViD now available!

AllSolus Public Display lets you keep your on

track and watch as your savings grow!


The Solar LiveBase is here. This ultimate all-in-one solar monitoring system is all you need to monitor solar energy, power usage and environmental conditions.

Designed right here in Australia, AllSolus gives you cutting edge technology at a price you can afford.

Let AllSolus help you get SolarSMART today!


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